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Professional pet groomers and stylists begin here. We provide vast pet grooming career resources including on-site schools, home study programs, grooming books, DVDs, streaming video, available jobs and social media leads. Brought to you by! Select a section above to get started now!

On-Site Schools – One of the most exciting times in career seeker careers is attending an on-site professional school. However, there is much for career seekers to understand about schools and how to choose one that fits their objectives. Not all grooming schools are the same. Every grooming school has tremendous flexibility in designing their curricula and operations.

Home Study – Whether you are a beginning career seeker or experienced groomer, home study grooming educational programs are for you! The Internet has opened up the availability of grooming education like never before. Every career seeker and pet groomer can benefit. Choose from entry level to advanced continuing education programs.

Job Market – There are at least 2,500 jobs available any day of the year in the United States, and possibly 4,000. That fact is not even known by all groomers and virtually unknown to all of the public. We’re leading you to the best sources of education and jobs.

Career Start Report – We publish the popular 100 page Career Start Report. Over 25,000 copies have been read or downloaded. It answers hundreds of questions about careers in grooming. Learn about employment, self-employment, wages, licensing, certification and much more. Read online here, at