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“Maddie” Ogle
PetGroomer.com is currently owned and operated by Find A Groomer Inc. It was originally developed 1997-2002 by The Madson Group, Inc. The same management and staff of The Madson Group Inc. were retained by Find A Groomer Inc. As consultants to today’s groomers and countless career seekers we developed PetGroomer.com to help build communication channels within the industry for today’s and to help millions of career seekers. Until the advent of the Internet, finding information about the grooming industry was an arduous and often incomplete task.

Over the years many people have told us they would have never entered the industry without the resources of PetGroomer.com. Knowledge creates confidence in order to go forward. It’s hard for us to think back at the industry before the Internet with so little communication between groomers. PetGroomer.com and GroomingBusinesinaBox.com are just some the ways we are helping the professional reputation of the grooming industry with the advances that arise from education and communication.

Madeline “Maddie” Bright Ogle, PhD is the President of both The Madson Group, Inc. (founded 1987) and Find A Groomer Inc. (founded 2002). She has been a leading member of the industry since 1961. She has been president of state associations, worked with state legislators to pass noteworthy legislation for pet groomers, and perhaps more importantly, for 25 years owned one of the largest, most successful pet grooming salons in the nation.

Maddie is the author of From Problems to Profits – The Madson Management System for Pet Grooming Businesses. Originally published in 1989 it continues to hold rank as the best selling grooming industry business book. Currently she is working on a new series of companion products for the book including online business courses, CD-ROM’s and 5 workbooks all part of the Grooming Business in a Box series.

Her son, Stephen, is the creator and Webmaster for PetGroomer.com. Stephen was raised in the grooming industry through college, and then he led a successful career in legal accounting, nearly completing an accounting degree, as well as managing global transportation industries before returning to the family business in 1986 to help with From Problems to Profits as its co-editor and illustrator. Like Maddie, he is a grooming industry author, speaker and works full-time as a pet care business plan writer and management consultant when he is not working on PetGroomer.com.

Most of the day-to-day operations are conducted in Washington state. We can reached at findagroomer@earthlink.net or by writing Find A Groomer Inc., PO Box 2489, Yelm, WA 98597, 360-446-5348. For more contact information click here.

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Cardinal Laboratories Crystal Grooming Achievement Award 2000
Cardinal Laboratories Crystal Grooming Achievement Award 2004

#7 – PetGroomer.com – OK, you can now delete all the other grooming sites from your bookmarks. The reason? PetGroomer.com is the only grooming-related site you’ll ever need. Period. Whether you’re a professional groomer looking to learn new techniques or a dog owner looking for a professional groomer in your town, this is the place. This site is so deep and comprehensive it will take you many repeat visits to take it all in. A great effort from Stephen Mart and company, this site is the end-all, be-all for all things about grooming. Although fairly well organized, the immense amount of information could benefit from a search function. My favorite area: the before and after grooming photo slide show. Best of Show!